About Us



The Malaysian Tin Products Manufacturers' Association (MTPMA) was formed in 1989. Its formation was initiated by the Tin Industry (Research and Development) Board under its activity programme in supporting the implementation of the Industrial Master Plan (IMP), which it is tasked to develop the downstream tin-based products manufacturing industry. 

The objective for which the Association is established are:-

(a) To encourage, promote and protect the interests of and cooperation between manufacturers of tin products and to provide for the industry the means of formulating, making known, influencing and carrying out policy in regards to industrial, economic, fiscal, commercial, social, legal and technical questions and to promote the welfare of the industry in general.

(b) To provide facilities for the communication and interchange of views between the industry and the Government and all other types of organisation both local and overseas.

(c) To promote legislation for the improvement of the industry and to support or oppose amendments to existing laws or proposed legislation.

(d) To subscribe or to become a member of or cooperation with any organisation where such participation is beneficial and conducive to the objectives of the Association.

(e) To promote the collection and dissemination of statistical data and other information pertaining to the industry and the publication of literary works as may seem appropriate.

(f) To promote and assist in the promotion and conduct of any kind of public exhibition beneficial to the interest of the industry.

(g) To encourage and promote any activity relating to education, training, study or research of any kind to further the interests of the industry.

(h) To provide facilities for holding meetings or for any other purposes in the interest of the industry.

(i) To mediate, or request of both parties concerned, differences between members and to assist and act as arbitrators or to appoint an Arbitrator in the settlement of disputes between members arising out of commercial transactions.

(j) To secure the mutual support and cooperation of the members in dealing with all matters in connection with the remuneration and employment conditions of employees and to provide all such assistance to members as shall deem proper and desirable.

(k) To collect and receive subscriptions and contributions of and to borrow and raise any money required for the purpose of the Association upon such terms and in such manner as the Association may determine.

(l) To pay the expenses incidental to the promotion and formation of the Association, and to pay for any service which may have been rendered prior to the formation of the Association for any objects of the Association.

(m) To invest or otherwise deal with any money of the Association not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be though suitable.

Its membership covers the three major sub-sectors of the industry in this country, namely pewter, tinplate and solders. The Association has a total membership of 16 company members currently.


The Management Committee of the MTPMA meets regularly to map-out and chart the policy direction of the Association. The Solder Sub-Committee of the Association, formed to provide solder company members with a forum for discussion, also meets regularly to deliberate on issues confronting the tin solder sub-sector and to consider measures to overcome them. The meetings were also for members to report and to share their knowledge, experience and expectations of the solder market and their products. The Association's Newsletter Editorial Sub-Committee also meets regularly on a quarterly basis to edit the Association's Newsletter, which is published four times a year called the Malaysian Tin Products. The Association organises from time to time, events such as workshops, seminars and talks for its members and the fraternity.   


Representatives of the MTPMA regularly attend briefings held by the Government for the private sector on issues affecting the manufacturing industry. The downstream tin-based products manufacturing industry has been growing at a steady pace over the years. It is an important sector for value-adding and import substitution. 

The MTPMA together with the Tin Board will continue to play an important supportive role in helping towards maintaining a healthy development of an important minerals based products industry in line with the country‚Äôs industrialisation objectives.