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Sub Committee

      The Sub-Committee on Solder, was established in 1993. The primary objective of this Sub-Committee is to provide a forum for deliberating matters of common interests amongst solder company members of the Association. In addition, it considers views and proposals on issues affecting the tin solder sub-sector and where appropriate raises them with the Management Committee of the Association for endorsement and for subsequent submission to the relevant authorities, if necessary.

      A major issue which the Sub-Committee continued to deliberate concerns the matter of instilling appropriate discipline amongst members of the Sub-Committee with regard to their marketing and pricing arrangements in order that efforts to support research and development for their products could be enhanced. Members of the Sub-Committee have continued to cooperate in ensuring fair competition and trade in the local solder market. The Newsletter Editorial Sub-Committee has also been active in publishing the four quarterly issues of the Association's official newsletter produced each year. The newsletter called "The Malaysian Tin Products" has a circulation of 250 copies per issue.